Monday, 20 June 2011

SaD AnD lOnElY wAlLpApErS,,,,!!!

i don't want to love anymore!!!1
to love that Ends.....with nothing!!!
and leaves..........
a heart bleeding!!!!!!

you make my heart bleed... but you will always be my greatest bliss...

if you don't want to get hurt................ don't even think that HE loves you...... just the way you do

Love is too painful, when he already has someone else to love....

it hurts to see some one else in your hurts to see your lips pressed against some one elses hurts to know that that you have eyes for some one else...

I love you, but you don't love me back. I cry for you, but you don't cry for me back. If you really care, speak up, if not, just be a bitch. Really, go ahead.

We PROMISED to never hurt each other and we made a promise to stay together forever!! i broke my promise to keep you safe; you broke yous to prove that nothing can hurt you!! i lost you forever!!!

If falling out of "love" hurts so bad, why do we let ourselves fall in?

i never knew what love is until i met you..
and what loneliness is until we were separated..

In the note you left me it read "I did it so that you could be happy." I'm all grown up now and I'm still waiting to be happy...

Sit on the floor, phone in hand, awaiting a call that will never come. Close your eyes, feel the warmth of his hand, his lips on yours, your heart thumping with happiness. open your eyes, feel your cold, empty hand. And nothing but trembling lips. His words replay in your head "I Love You". Your eyes tear. His lies sting like acid rain in your heart. All you wanted was him. He's gone.

God can heal a broken heart, but you have to give Him all the pieces.

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